Absenta/ Renuntare - lemann


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Absenta/ Renuntare - lemann

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Motiv:I met CSGOROMANIA in the summer
then I broke my headphones and i cant play competitive
I found the csgoromania server and played there until today
then often played Just
and P250 and ka1zer
After playing and getting to know the server and the players
I decided to get VIP
then I was very stupid and naive
and besides ka1zer no one supported me
after the first attempt, I could not get to the VIP
But after many players wrote me PRO
so I got to Helper and then to Admin
most of the community supported me and I was very grateful to them
I tried to help all the players
there were conflicts with Synga
but it was stupid
I have been living and studying in Finland for a year now
I have to get Scandinavian citizenship
January 15, I will start to study and work for one
I will not have time not only for PARABESTIAL, but also for CSGO
just thank you
ka1zer p250 monster radar forest sn1per mitica silver just barny synga elec silent para fr3sh keep joker miruna katz antoo
( thanks to everyone)
Romanian people wonderful people thank you for all the time on the server
but now we have a strong and good staff
parabestial brings together hundreds of players every day
and staff keeps track of everything
thanks PARABESTIAL and good luck to everyone

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Re: Absenta/ Renuntare - lemann

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Good luck with your exams lemann, It was really good having you a part of this wonderful community, we created here online an international culture which was developed with manly romanians at first, but after the time passed we learned that it doesn't matter where you are from if we have the same frequency within this game and we treat each other with respect, we will always come back here to reunite and celebrate. CsGo has a very toxic community but here we demonstrated that we are not all that toxic.

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Re: Absenta/ Renuntare - lemann

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Good luck !!!
Wake up in a dreamy world !

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Re: Absenta/ Renuntare - lemann

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good luck my brother
cica nu imi place sa fac baie :? :?

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Re: Absenta/ Renuntare - lemann

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Good Luck! ❤️